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EPnews -- from The Entrepreneurial Parent
a work-family resource for home-based entrepreneurs

June 28, 2000

Lisa Roberts, Editor: [email protected]

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The Funny Things EP Kids Say & Do
What's It Worth? -- "Refocus"
EP Expert Q&As -- When your boss wants you back...time to telecommute?
What's Happening at EP

Editorial Correction: Last issue's "Funny Things EP Kids Say" was NOT
submitted by Jeanine Garcia, but by:

Lisa Smith
WhiteSmith Marketing Group, Inc.
(a market planning, research and advertising co.)
Phone: (217) 759-8600
Fax: (217) 759-8208)

(So sorry Lisa -- it was one of our favorites!!)


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Submitted by EPnews Subscriber
, [email protected]:

The other day I was driving around town with my two sons. Joshua, my 4 year
old, all of a sudden piped up and said that he would like to meet God and
"bring him a present." When I asked Josh what he'd take as a present, he
quickly answered "a Pokemon movie." He explained, "I betcha God's never
watched Pokemon before."

A few moments later Josh said, "On second thought I don't think that would be
a good idea, because I don't think God has a TV...."

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Housholder's "The Funny Things Project" at:

On those stressed-out EP days, you'll be glad you did!


by deB Sechrist

Just a few weeks ago, my older son graduated from high school. A few weeks
before that, I registered my youngest for Kindergarden. At the time, Lisa
called these activities "bookend milestones," which certainly does describe
the impact both occasions have had on my life and my priorities. Indeed, this
is to be a banner year of changes for me, as we are preparing to share a home
with my husband's mother (who turned 75 last week); adding her rooms on to
one house, selling another, helping her sell her current home. My son will be
off to the Navy in November, his siblings will start a new school in August.

Being a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, of course I'm right in the thick of things
-- painting and landscaping and refinishing cabinetry and laying tile. I'm
actually enjoying myself, and saving money in the process. ;-) But it's
getting increasingly demanding, with the kids out of school and begging to
spend lazy afternoons at the pool while I try to manage projects at both
houses. And because of these bookend milestones, I'm tempted to do just that:
take time off to enjoy some of the precious moments we have left in this year
of transition.

Meanwhile, I find myself arriving at the computer later and later each night,
with less and less energy and time to work on the EP projects, not to mention
other Internet projects that have lain dormant for months. And EP is growing,
by leaps and bounds. Projects and resources and articles and opportunities
are blossoming all around the EP community, and it's an exciting, busy world.
But pressing family concerns have made it impossible for me to participate to
the same degree as I have in the past: in fact I need to scale back and
refocus on my family, to help them make these life transitions as smoothly as

Once the EP site revamp is complete, I'll be taking a leave of absence from
my current duties, including the What's It Worth? column in EPnews. It is our
hope that some kindred souls out there are willing to step up and write an
article (or two!) in the What's It Worth theme: saving time and/or money and
strategies for a simpler life. Our surveys indicate that EPnews subscribers
find the feature useful, and we know you'd like to see some fresh ideas and
experienced viewpoints on all matters frugal. If you'd like to contribute,
send your comments to <mailto:[email protected]>

Thanks for letting me share my ideas and experiences! I've enjoyed writing
the column and hope to return someday. Until then, when it comes to matters
of time or money in your challenging EP life, keep asking yourself that
crucial question only you can answer: What's it Worth?

deB Sechrist is the mother of three, Webmanager of The Entrepreneurial
Parent, LLC and owner of deBweB, a web design business. Find out more about
deB at


Have a question? Our EP Expert Panel is available to all EPnews Subscribers.
Visit them at <>. If your question isn't
already answered on our site, then send it in to: [email protected].
They'll be glad to help you out if they can!

Q. Dear Pat,

I am a 31 year old mother of 3 school aged boys. I am looking to supplement
my husband's income. My previous employer would like me to return to work in
data entry, even if it's just part time. They tell me I'm the only one that
can do the job, they've gone through 3 girls in the past 8 months since I
left work to be with my kids. I would like to avoid an office position -- I
enjoy my 'home base' and would like to work from my home if possible. What
can I say to convince my old boss that I can do the job while working from
home? How can I get him to see my viewpoint?

Mrs. D. Kirby

A. Dear Mrs Kirby,

When the employer seeks you out, you are in a favorable negotiating position.
Use this to your fair advantage. Clearly think through the arrangement that
you want (days, hours, location), outline it on paper in the form of a
proposal, and describe how the job tasks will get done under these conditions.

For some help in walking you through this step, send an e-mail to
[email protected] for a free preparation exercise. Use the business term
"telecommuting" instead of "work from home" when you write out your proposal.
You may want to consider at least one day of the week in the office; most
telecommuters are present two to three days a week.

Be sure to point out that telecommuting is a growing business trend used by
many progressive businesses which often results in double-digit increases in
productivity. Point out other employer advantages; you want to present the
case with your boss's agenda in mind, not yours. See the "Good for Business"
section at for lots of great data to include
in your proposal.

For some proposal strategy tips from those who got the boss's approval to
telecommute, I invite you to visit my website at As a desirable, sought-after employee, be confident about asking for what you want. Keep a firm position about which aspects of the arrangement are of most importance to you and be ready to give or compromise in areas that are not as critical to your job arrangement satisfaction.

Best wishes,
Pat Katepoo

Pat Katepoo, our Work-Family Transitions Expert, is President of Work
Options, Inc. ( and the developer of Flex Success: A
Proposal Blueprint. You can learn more about Pat at her EP Bio page:


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Well this may be the last column of "What's Happening at EP" -- our reader
survey responses so far have consistently indicated that this space, along
with "We Recommend," is the least valued and read. (Feel otherwise? Let us
know!) Since we do want this ezine to stay as fresh and useful as possible,
it may be time for a different approach. That's why we created a NEW mailing
list available to all EPs -- for news, updates and promotional opportunities
for the EP Community. It'll be an "Announcements Only" list to be used ONLY
when there's something "new" to report -- like a producer or reporter looking
for an EP to profile, a terrific new feature or tool created for, exciting news about the "EP Community," or a unique free agent

To sum up, EPnews will continue to be a content-focused ezine of information
and inspiration, distributed on a regular schedule, while EP_Announcements
will be a quick list of updates & media tidbits, distributed on an as-needed
basis. So do you want to stay "in the loop"? Then send any message to
"[email protected]" and we'll keep you informed on
"What's Happening at EP"!

Meantime, all EPnews Subscribers WILL get the announcement next week about
our site redesign -- scheduled to launch the first few days of July (yes,
we're that close!!). will have a whole new look -- with lots of
new, useful & exciting features -- and we want to invite all of you to enjoy

Finally, I would just like to say that I am bursting with pride, gratitude
and respect for my very favorite "EP" in all the world -- deB Sechrist -- who
continues to be my source of inspiration for everything that has to do with
"The Entrepreneurial Parent." Her leave of absence was a difficult decision
to make, but putting "family first" sometimes means a "refocus" AWAY from the
"Entrepreneurial" piece of "Entrepreneurial Parenthood." deB is a pioneering
woman I will never stop learning from...and to me she will always be the
"Wisest Woman of the Web."


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