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EPnews -- from The Entrepreneurial Parent
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May 24, 2000


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"Old Wives' Tales"
by deB Sechrist

A man named Graham Haley has caught my eye lately, and it's not surprising
that he has. He's on a media blitz, appearing on local morning shows, late
night talk shows and cable DIY shows, riding the wave of the newest trend.
His product is a book of household hints and money saving tips that he and
his wife Rosemary put together while raising 3 daughters: true
Entrepreneurial Parents!

Why do I call it the newest trend? After all, I've been reading Heloise's
Hints in the newspaper since her mom Heloise was writing it, back when
Heloise (the daughter) and I were little girls. But there has been a new
spark of interest in using more environmentally friendly products, in reusing
and recycling, and in simplifying our lives. What's interesting to
me is that a great majority of the hints and tips to clean stains, save
money, reduce time and effort are age-old, time-tested, hand-me-down wisdom
tidbits, or old wives' tales.

>From drawing chalk lines that ants won't cross to cleaning drains with baking
soda and vinegar, you've probably heard of some of them before. Maybe your
grandmother cleaned her windows with vinegar and newspaper, or her garden was
bordered with marigolds to keep the bugs away. Some of the tips are wacky or
unusual, some are refreshingly simple, all are inventive.

For a taste of what's available on the web, here are some sites to check out:

Haley's Hints
Clean your whole house with vinegar, use dental floss creatively and never
throw away another pair of pantyhose again! Most of the site is selling the
book of 2000 hints, but they offer dozens of free hints and tips to solve
common household problems.

Hints from Heloise
She's not as much into nylon net as her mom was <g>, but Heloise offers
tested and reliable advice, weekly hints and monthly best buys, along with
her top 10 hints and informative pamphlets.
Receive free email hints and tips or visit frequently to check out the tip of
the day on just about any subject you can think of.

Between Friends
By moms for moms, this site is "full of articles, tips and links to help you
bring more balance into your life".

Happy Surfing!

deB Sechrist is the mother of three, Webmanager of The Entrepreneurial
Parent, LLC and owner of deBweB, a web design business. Find out more about
deB at


Have a question? Our EP Expert Panel is available to all EPnews Subscribers.
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Q. I am starting an errand service in my city. I am wondering what the best
way to market such a service would be? I have created a nice "flyer" and am
considering distributing it to about 1,000 homes in my area, however I am
wondering if this will give me the most bang for my buck. Do you have any

A. As people get busier and busier, the need for an errand assistance
business is growing. But rather than randomly give flyers to everyone you
meet, I suggest narrowing your focus.

Do you want to help out busy mothers? Then offer to pick up children and take
them to piano lessons. Deliver meals to their house or even clean their
house. Where do you find these mothers? Deliver flyers to child care centers
and after school programs like the YMCA so parents can see them when they
pick up their children. Take flyers to dentist offices, the grocery store,
etc...wherever you have women working.

If your area of interest is to work with seniors and their families, then
you'll want to distribute flyers to senior centers, bingo centers and medical
supply store. Maybe your local pharmacist will give out your flyers to
elderly patients. Contact visiting nurses or even a hospice and explain what
you have to offer.

In other words, instead of saying that you offer "An Errand Service," be
specific. The headline of your flyer could be, "Need help juggling your
child's busy schedule? Let me help provide reliable, safe transportation for
afterschool activities." Or how's about, "Need a little assistance in your
home? Let me help you with laundry, shopping and other errands. I provide a
warm, friendly service and companionship to senior citizens."

Be sure to list the benefits that come with hiring you. People want to know:
What's In It For Me? Let them know they'll have more free time, a cleaner
home, etc.

Good luck!

Silvana Clark, our EP Low-Cost Marketing Expert, is author of Taming the
Marketing Jungle: 104 Marketing Ideas When Your Motivation is High and Your
Budget is Low, available at

You can also learn more about Silvana at her EP Bio page:


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deB and Lisa are still in the throes of a sweeping site redesign, now
targeted for the beginning of July. There's also been quite a bit of "behind
the scenes" shifting of priorities and activities over here, so please hold
on. We'll keep you all posted as soon as we have the details worked out. Stay
tuned, folks!! It's been a busy year for all of us, and the summer is a good
time to regroup and map out the year ahead. Let's hang in there together!


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