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January 26, 2000


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The Funny Things EP Kids Say & Do!
What's It Worth? -- "Frugal Resources"
EP Expert Q&As
What's Happening at EP
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Oxygen Media Spotlight

Editorial Note: EPnews is back to a twice-monthly schedule with an all-new
automated mailing service from We are now splitting the content
and will shift between Lisa & deB's editorials and other selected columns.
EPnews is distributed the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month. The
Entrepreneurial Parent web site is updated on an ongoing basis throughout
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Submitted by EPnews Subscriber, :

At bed time my 10-year old and I have a "mom moment." This is a quiet time of
snuggles and "How did your day go?" before prayers. (I found that asking a
second time at bed time I'll get some direct and surprising answers other
than the, "Fine Mom" I get after school.) Last night Nick, my son, was
telling me about his math class. He suddenly burst out with the Jeopardy
theme music. This isn't a show we watch so I asked him where he'd heard it.
He looks at me and states, "Mom, I learn more than math in math class!"

Why work at home? So you can hear the funny things your EP Kids say
throughout the day. Share with the EP Community something your child said
or did recently that made you smirk, giggle, or LOL. Send your submission
via e-mail to:. And if you need a stockpile of smiles
to get you through your EP day, pick up your own heartwarming copy of Grace
Housholder's "The Funny Things Kids Say": On those
stressed-out EP days, you'll be glad you did!

"Frugal Resources"
by deB Sechrist

Each time I finish a What's It Worth article, I find myself wishing I had a
better way to help EP's keep their financial balance. A list of links here,
an idea thrown out there, but not the full scope of what seems to be needed.
As an EP I know that many of you want information about how to make ends
meet, how to adjust from two salaries down to one, how to keep your finances
afloat when business is slow or plans go awry. So we've put together another
Resource Center to help you find the information you need to live a frugal
lifestyle that fits for you and your family.

The EP Frugal Living Resource Center features articles and essays by EP
Experts and member contributors, a list of weblinks and newsletters and a
forum to share your tips. Many of you have learned from hard experience not
to buy certain items or which substitute item will work and which won't. The
Frugal Forum is a place where you can share that information, and someone is
bound to benefit! There are only a few tips posted so far, but we hope you'll
drop by and take a look around, maybe even take a moment to share your
favorite tip with us.

Visit the new Center at:
and be sure to drop us a line to let us know what you think!

deB Sechrist is the mother of three, Webmanager of The Entrepreneurial
Parent, LLC and owner of deBweB, a web design business. Find out more about
deB at


Have a question? Our EP Expert Panel is available to all EPnews Subscribers.
Visit them at <>. If your question isn't
already answered on our site, then send it in to:
They'll be glad to help you out if they can!

Q. I currently own & operate an auto cleaning/detailing business to which I
would like to add a house cleaning service. This would be a "shoe-in" to my
business & may even replace the auto cleaning part, which is weather
affected. I am seeking info as to the most efficient way start & operate the
house cleaning business. Whatever data you can supply me with will be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A. Finding complementary -- or "shoe-in" -- businesses that naturally fit
with your existing enterprise is a great way to grow your company. Not only
do you (hopefully) already have a clutch of satisfied clients who might be
game to hire your new business, they might be willing to refer you to others.
No matter the business, growing it along complementary lines is an important
growth strategy. Congratulations.

Now, as for finding resources and information to launch the business, ample
resources exist. Assuming you already know how to run a business (research
gained from your time in auto detailing), next you have to learn how to do
the house cleaning work. The easiest way would be to learn by example. Know
anyone who already employs a housekeeper? If so, spend a day or morning with
that person on the job, picking their insights, watching them work,
maybe even helping out. Find out what products they prefer and why. Do they
supply their own or require the client carry their preferred products? If
they supply their own, do they buy them in bulk at a wholesale club like
Costco or Sam's?

If you don't know anyone who already employs a cleaning service (and even if
you do), go online to learn more. I just did a Yahoo! search of
"Housecleaning service" and found seven sites. If you have Internet access,
go online and do your own search. Contact those outside your market and pick
their brains, asking the same questions as above.

As for marketing, get some of your auto detailing clients to agree to provide
referrals, if needed. Then, using your PC or Mac, create a little flier you
can photocopy and distribute, and saturate the neighborhood with them (beware
of putting them *in* mailboxes; it's against the law). Go to Office Depot and
get some business cards made up (around $10 a thousand). Give them out like

Finally, see if you can register with an "infomediary" like, which
steers business queries -- for everything from travel to contracting to
housecleaning services -- to companies that have registered with iMandi.
They'll steer any leads based on geography and bid specifications.

Congratulations on your ingenuity to branch out. Good luck. Here's to a
Prosperous Millennium & Keep Goin' SOHO!

Jeff Zbar, is our EP Dad Expert and is known as the "Chief Home Officer."
He's an 11-year-veteran home-based freelance journalist specializing in
work-at-home, teleworking, alternative officing and small business marketing,
technology, communications and motivational. Jeff writes the monthly home
office feature for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, is a contributing editor
to Home Office Computing and Entrepreneur's Home Office, and is a monthly
columnist for Writer's
Digest. He is the author of Home Office Know-How (Upstart Publishing, 1998),
a tips book on working from home and teleworking, Your Profitable Home
Business Made E-Z (on CD-ROM from Made E-Z Products, Inc., 1999), and Home
Office Success Stories, a free ezine on working from home
( Jeff (), and his wife and
three young children live in suburban Fort Lauderdale, Fla


New Resource Center:

Check out our new Frugal Living Resource Center at , where you'll find
information and resources for living on a tight budget and making the most of
your time and money. Learn how to break down cultural conditioning to spend,
change old attitudes and habits, and train your family to conserve
resources. Share your experiences and tips with others, read advice from
experts and friends, and follow the web links to find a whole world of
resources and ideas.

EP Gift Basket Contest:

Only a few days left to enter the January EP Contest! Win an EP Gift Basket
full of your choices of goods and services totalling $100. To enter, answer
the survey question at Good Luck!


New Events/Contests:

Let's Get It Together is hosting the 2nd Annual Online Organizing Expo on
March 22, 2000. The Virtually Organized Expo will be held in celebration of
"Clutter Awareness Week," March 20-24. This free, all-day expo will begin at
12:01 a.m. and continue until 12:00 p.m. The expo functions as a resource to
help people get (and stay) organized. It will provide everything from
teleclasses to live chats, streaming audio and video recordings of workshops,
seminars, and articles. You'll be exposed to several well-known speakers,
professional organizers, authors, and event planners. Just to
name a few of the participating experts:

***Lisa Kanarek, author & professional organizer, Organizing Your Home Office
for Success
***Lisa Roberts, author and entrepreneur, Raising a Family and Career Under
One Roof
***Sunny Schenger, author and professional organizer, How to Be Organized in
Spite of Yourself
***Kathy Peel, author, The Family Manager's Everyday Survival Guide

Debbie Williams, founder and owner of Let's Get It Together, has teamed up
with sponsors such as and to bring you
another exciting year of resources that will help you get organized, manage
stress, and balance your life.

For more information about the upcoming 2nd Annual Online Organizing Expo
(Virtually Organized), contact Debbie Williams directly by phone: (281)
286-9512; by e-mail: ; or visit the Let's Get It
Together website at

A Nationwide Search for the Most Unusual Home Office!

Is your home office located poolside, seaside or mountainside? How about in a
treehouse, playhouse or refurbished warehouse? If so, you could win the Home
Office "Search for the Most Unusual Home Office Contest" beginning
February 1 and ending March 10.

Whether you're a homemaker, home office professional or telecommuter, your
out-of-the-ordinary home office could earn you $2,500 worth of products from
Iomega, Hewlett-Packard,,, Microtek and CNF
Mobile Solutions, Inc. To enter, submit a photo of your home office, along
with a 50-word description by e-mail to: , or mail
your entry to Home Office, 660 Preston Forest Center #120, Dallas,
TX 75230. The winner will be announced on March 14, National Organize Your
Home Office Day. Full contest details available at
For questions about the contest, please contact Lisa Kanarek directly at
(214) 361-0556 or .

New Sites to See: -- for high tech jobs
Children Doc -- pediatric advice
InaQuest, an administrative resource that is an online system for printing
and promotional needs.
Womansdesktop -- Information and support for women

A Few Women's Conference Announcements:

Feminist Expo 2000 -- March 31 - April 2, 2000
Women.future Conference on April 5, 2000
EMA 2000 -- 2nd Emerging Markets International Fair, Sept. 20-22, 2000


Will you be watching the Super Bowl this weekend?? Look for word about
Oxygen's new cable channel launching on select cable carriers across the
nation on February 2, 2000 (02/02!). And of course, don't forget to visit
Lisa Roberts at Oxygen any time at:

and stop in for Lisa's weekly chat open to ALL Entrepreneurial Parents on
Monday nights, 10:00 p.m. EST at:

We look forward to "seeing" you there!


Do You Plan to Succeed?

Every entrepreneur *expects* to succeed. How many *plan* to succeed? You'd
be surprised at the answer! The difference between success and satisfaction
and business failure is not luck, but PLANNING.

The most common causes of business failure are insufficient marketing,
undercapitalization, and lack of focus. Depressing, maybe. But all of these
causes can be eliminated or minimized by a GOOD BUSINESS PLAN.

Together, we can develop a solid marketing strategy that is flexible and
cumulative. Did you know that a strong plan can actually offset a lack of
initial capital in a small business? With a coach, you can ZAP all three of
those causes for failure and take charge of your future.

If you are coachable (ask me for the eligibility quiz!), we can FOCUS
together to ferret out all the fears and grey areas, minimize your weaknesses
and risks, and develop the positive goals that will move you forward into

Your first consultation is free (30 minutes or so); EPnews readers qualify
for the discounted EP rates.* Pay by February 14, and take an additional 10%
off to get your New Year off on the right foot!

Contact Jay Cox at mailto: to jumpstart your future.
Be sure to put "coachability quiz" in the subject line. Sign up for the FREE
ezine, Seeds -- brief, weekly messages filled with encouragement and wisdom
for the 21st C. Send a note to the same email address with "Seeds" in the
subject line.

*Discounts only apply to monthly and twice a month levels. Hourly rates are
available, too! Online payments now possible via, a full-service,
on-line bank at


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