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Submission Guidelines

If you are an Entrepreneurial Parent and would like to purchase an EP Profile Page, we highly recommend that you read our FAQs for all the details. Cost per profile page is $25 per year, including web hosting.

Our Guarantee

While we offer a money-back guarantee for the first two weeks your page is up, we do not in any way guarantee that your page will lead to financial gain over the course of your membership year. However, we believe the nominal $25 fee for a full year of advertising is a low-risk investment, and we are committed to making the EPs of our EP Showcase receive the recognition and attention from the media and fellow EPs that they deserve.

EP Application Instructions

In keeping with our EP priorities of family first and career second, our profile pages start off celebrating our kids' lives before they "get down to business." Have fun answering the family-related questions, but do put your marketing hat on when it's time to talk about your home career. Remember, you'll be using this page not only to spread smiles over the Internet, but to introduce new clients and customers to your products and services!

Suggested Activity: Before filling out the Application, you may want to first gather your children around your computer and visit the EP Showcase together. This will give you an idea of what the final product will look like, and how you could use the help of your children to make this happen.
If your children are of age, discuss your definition of an Entrepreneurial Parent with them and your aspirations to become or continue to be one. Ask if they (he or she) can help you out. Can they draw a picture of Mom or Dad working in the home office? Can they color in a sign that says "Dad (or Mom) At Work"? Can they paint a picture of what they would like to be when they grow up? Can they take a snapshot of you in your home office? While your child may be anywhere from a newborn to a teenager, there is always a way you can get her/him involved in your work, on their level. Be creative, but most important be together on this!

Submission Guidelines

Follow these instructions carefully so we can process your application and put up your Profile Page promptly.

1. OPTIONAL: Follow the Suggested Activity above to help promote your home career as a positive influence in your family's everyday life!

2. Copy and paste the Application into your word processing program, then fill in the questions that apply to you. You may also print out the application and fill in the blanks (please print). Mail the pages with the items below.

3. To make your profile page immediately come to life upon viewing, make sure to submit at least one of the following:

  • One picture that your child has drawn (see Suggested Activity above for details, and remember the more colorful, the better!).
  • One color photo of yourself. (NOTE: A picture of you and/or your spouse is OK, but no pictures of children will be accepted to protect their anonymity.)
  • One color photo of your home office.
Photos can be either black & white or color, must be non-copyrighted and will be returned if mailed with SASE.

4. Enclose a camera-ready copy of your business logo or other copyright-free graphic related to your business or professional services (optional).

5. Enclose a check payable to "The Entrepreneurial Parent" in the amount of $25.00.

6. Mail all of the above together in one package, and send* it to:
The Entrepreneurial Parent
P.O. Box 320722
Fairfield, CT 06432

*We recommend sending any photos and/or disks via certified or registered mail and insuring the contents for their true replacement value. We are not responsible for any items lost in the mail system.

Your profile page will be posted at within two weeks of receipt of your postal package. We'll notify you via your e-mail address when it's up. The day of your notification marks the beginning of your membership year. If you would like to continue your membership after one year, just return our renewal invoice within ten days of receipt.

(NOTE: The application text, photos and scanned artwork can be sent on disk or electronically as attachments via email to EP at [email protected], but the Profile Page will not be processed until payment is received).

Thank you for your interest and your support!

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