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Welcome to EPnews! This page was designed to introduce you to our regular features and the new services at our site, The Entrepreneurial Parent. We're looking forward to providing you with one of the most trusted work-at-home resources on the Internet on a regular basis. Look for a new issue every second and fourth Wednesday of each month.
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Table of Contents:
The Funny Things EP Kids Say!........A Little Geek Humor
Why work at home? To lighten up whenever you hear the funny things your kids might say throughout the day. EP Kids are the primary driving force for most Entrepreneurial Parents who choose this work option, and here at The Entrepreneurial Parent we like to showcase the talent and spirit of our children before we get to ourselves. (See how we do this with the artwork of some of our EP Kids at the Member Showcase!)
EP Times - an Lisa Roberts
Look here for editorials on the life and times of an EP: written by Lisa Roberts, Web Producer, or occasionally a guest EP.
EP Q&A.....Answers to Your Questions by Our Expert Panel
Here we select the most universal and/or unique "EP Expert" Q&As we receive.We're proud to say that our panel of EP Experts were chosen because of their professionalism and dedication to their respective fields, and we thank them in advance for offering their invaluable mentorship to all our EP members, subscribers and visitors.
Making Money Matters.....Surveys Completed by EP's to Share their Experience
Being available to your kids and managing a career under one roof sounds to many like the best of both worlds, but without pulling in some kind of income what's all the effort for? Making Money Matters! Look here for money-making tips from our EP members who have established businesses.
What's It Worth?......Living on a Budget
Since many Entrepreneurial Parents are on tight budgets as they struggle to balance work and family through limited resources, this EPnews feature is devoted to sharing frugal living tips, written by deB Sechrist, Web Developer, with input from EP's who write in to share.
EP Member Profile......Straight from our EPShowcase
Selected profiles form the EP Showcase to help members of the EP community get to know one another.
We Recommend.......Our Latest Resource Discoveries
Here we highlight outside resources (web sites, associations, books, special services, etc.) of interest to Entrepreneurial Parents.
What's Happening at EP......LOTS!
Check out what's new!
Volunteers Needed......and Volunteers in Action
If you offer any of the services mentioned here through your home business, consider volunteering your efforts and EP will post an ad, contact info and link to your site (if you have one) at the top of the page you help us create! This is also where we also announce our Volunteer projects and accomplishments.
If you would like to become an EP Contributor to EPnews articles or Info to Go, please send your suggestions to Lisa Roberts.
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