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2. Gender: M F
3. Age:
4. Number of Children: Ages of Children:
5. Marital Status:
6. Education:
7. I work at home as a:
8. The hours/week I work are:
9. I've been working at home since (month/year):
10. Before becoming an EP, I was:
11. The catalyst for my becoming an EP was:
12. Since working at home, I earn:
13. Regarding health insurance:
I am covered by my spouse's employer
I am uninsured
Other -- Please name insurance carrier & monthly costs:
14. The following challenges have been difficult for me (check off all that apply):
Meeting deadlines while handling family emergencies
Over-volunteering at my children's schools
Taking a "maternity leave" when I'm self-employed
Locking horns with a non-supportive spouse
Scrambling to find back-up childcare during business travel and/or late night client meetings
Taking care of an elderly parent who has suddenly fallen ill
Taking care of a child who has suddenly fallen ill
None of the above
15. Since working at home, I have seen an improvement in my child(ren)'s:
Academic Performance
Social Skills
Happiness and Well-Being
None of the Above
16. Regarding my working at home, I would describe my spouse as primarily:
17. My spouse:
18. I use outside childcare, paid or otherwise:
Yes No
19. I am the primary caregiver in my family:
Yes No
20. Household Income:
21. Your Income:
Thank you for your time!

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About this Survey

Paul and Sarah Edwards, best-selling authors, columnists and speakers on new and better ways to live and work, have teamed up with Oxygen Media's home office expert and founder of, Lisa Roberts, to write The Entrepreneurial Parent: How to Earn Your Living at Home in the Internet Age and Still Enjoy Your Family, Your Life and Your Work. They are currently conducting research for their book and are looking for parents -- Dads, Moms and Parenting Couples -- who are juggling working at home with parenting issues.

If that's you, stand up and be counted! Your participation in this survey will be of tremendous value, and the results will be shared with others across the nation and around the world who long to join the emerging "Entrepreneurial Parent" workforce. Whether being an EP is or is not working for you, we invite you to share your experiences above!

Survey Prize Drawings

All survey respondents will be immediately eligible for the two "Survey Prize" drawings, to be held in early December.

A Bundle of Books by Paul & Sarah Edwards, including:
  • Working from Home: Everything You Need to Know About Living and Working Under the Same Roof (1999)
  • Making Money in Cyberspace (1998)
  • Getting Business to Come to You: A Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Attracting All the Business You Can Enjoy (1998)
  • Teaming Up: The Small Business Guide to Collaborating With Others to Boost Your Earnings and Expand Your Horizons (1997)
  • Finding Your Perfect Work: The New Career Guide to Making a Living, Creating a Life (1996)
SECOND PRIZE: A $100 EP Gift Basket, filled with:
  • Items from the "EP Gift Shop," a specialty online gift shop stocked with unique and original inventory created and/or designed by parents who work at home

DEADLINE for Survey Responses: November 31, 2000


Because EPs are busy folks, we've provided both a "Short Survey" and an "Extended Survey." Our short version is Anonymous, will only take a few minutes to fill out, and will be used to collect statistical data on EPs. The Extended Survey may take up to 15 minutes and your comments and quotes may be used -- with your permission (credited or anonymous) -- in our book.

Please note: To be quoted and/or profiled in our book, you will need to fill out our extended survey. Since selected profiles may be offered further promotional opportunities that Paul & Sarah or Lisa can pass on, feel free to let us get to know you and your business/career as well as you'd like!

Privacy Concerns

We value your privacy! The only required field in either survey is your email address since this will be used to track submissions and alert you when the book is off the press. None of your contact info will ever be passed on to a third party, and all responses to our questionnaire will remain confidential unless you grant your permission for publication in our book. Any questions? Just ask us!

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