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The Entrepreneurial Parent believes in an integrated approach to balancing work and family under one roof and encourages the use of today's technology to achieve that goal. Our purpose is to build a strong Entrepreneurial Parent (EP) Community so we can learn from each other how to lead a life rich with family and career successes.
EP publishes two electronic publications: Info to Go, a Web-zine featuring pertinent articles and essays on work and family matters (both reprints and original content included), and EPnews, a free electronic newsletter written by, for and about Entrepreneurial Parents, which features all original content. Info to Go is updated monthly; EPnews is distributed on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month.
View our current column descriptions for EPnews at:
and our Info to Go! format at:
We accept personal essays and poetry on work-family issues, non-fiction articles on entrepreneurial and parenting matters, recommended resources and web sites for Entrepreneurial Parents, and submissions to our regular EPnews columns.
We prefer that you submit your work electronically:
Mailto: [email protected]

Subject Heading: "Info to Go! Article/Essay Submission" or "EPnews Submission"
Please include a message detailing your name, address, phone number and a brief biography. You can also make submissions via conventional mail to: POB 320722, Fairfield, CT 06432.
We do not specify length although we retain the right to edit your work as necessary. If your work is accepted for publication, we will credit your work and include a short bio, plus email and/or web site links. There is no payment available at this time for contributions.
The Entrepreneurial Parent was created by "EPs" for "EPs," and we welcome your comments, questions and submissions!
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