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elcome to the EP Showcase. Your hosts, Lisa Roberts and deBorah Sechrist, are happy to present to you the heart and soul of the EP Site our Entrepreneurial Parent members. Here you'll discover the children, the parents, the spouses, the clients, the home businesses and the home careers that all join together to make Entrepreneurial Parenthood a viable way of life.
We hope you'll be as inspired in visiting our showcase as we have been in creating it for you. Feel free to use this page as "orientation" to the profile pages, or click on the Showcase link at the top of the page (and keep clicking!) or right here to begin now.

  • EP Snapshot
  • Home Career Highlights
  • EP Discount
  • A Voice of Experience
  • More & Misc.

EP Snapshot

A capsule of each EP, with a brief summary of their past and present work experience, their family members, and full contact information. Primarily targeted to business and parenting media, this section will enable you to make a quick determination about whether our EPs may be profile material for your research.

Home Career Highlights

A chance for our EPs to "strut their stuff" and sell their wares, with honest evaluation of their present home career status.

EP Discount

As a special courtesy to our visitors, each EP featured offers a discount off their product or service to introduce interested prospects to their work.

A Voice of Experience

EPs tell their stories...about why they work at home, what EP life is like, and what they have learned and are still learning about riding the EP wave!

More & Misc.

These few bonus tidbits help flesh out the profiles of our EPs.

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Thank you for your interest and support of our EPs.

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