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This EP Gift Shop is designed to highlight those EP's who create and sell original and unique products, crafts, jewelry or artwork. If that's you, we want to introduce your specialty items to the entire Internet community! Join the "Mom and Pop Gift Shop for the New Millenium" -- chock full of original products made and/or designed by our innovative Entrepreneurial Parents.

The cost to participate in our unique e-catalogue is only $25.00 for one year. Updates are free, and we'll be promoting the EP Gift Shop on other occasions throughout the year as well (Mother's Day, Back-to-School, etc.). Again, this is a one-time only fee of $25.00 to have your business listed AND promoted for a full year!

Please Note: Inclusion in the EP Gift Shop is FREE to NAEP members, so if you've been thinking about joining the National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents (NAEP), this is a good time to do it ;-). For only $45.00, you can take advantage of all our NAEP membership benefits. Just go to NAEP to learn more and/or join.

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