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 The Family Organizer

Amy Knapp's Family Organizer

Being married for seven years and the mother of two children gave Amy both the expertise and need to create a calendar specifically designed to help families get and stay organized. What started out as a spreadsheet for her personal use, has developed into a spiral bound 128-page calendar, specifically designed to help families get and stay organized.

Amy Knapp
Calendar Systems U.S.A.
5396 Heathrow Ave.
Kalamazoo MI 49009
Phone orders: 1-800-337-3605
Email: [email protected]
  • Weekly list to help define and track important tasks
  • Comprehensive grocery list to save time and money at the store
  • Handy weekly menu planner based on activities and appointments for the week
  • Color coded stickers to mark event and appointments
  • Special place to record weekly accomplishments towards personal goals.
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