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The EP Gift Shop: Aromatherapy Gifts

E-Scemt-ials Jeralynn Burke's and Linda Faust's E-Scent-ials, featuring Petpourris™: Adorable, aromatic pets that add charm and fragrance to any room. Jeralynn and Linda also offer potpourri, essential oils, bath and shower gels, candles, diffusers and gift baskets, available thru secure online ordering with Visa, MC and Discover. Jeralynn and Linda are offering a 10% discount to visitors who mention the EP Gift Shop.
Jeralynn Burke and Linda Faust
P.O. Box 40
Des Plaines IL 60016
Phone: 847-298-3474
Email: [email protected]  

Kitty Petpourri


Teddy Petpourri

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