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A Word from A WAHM

"Bookstores and Alligators"

© 1999, by Cheryl Demas
We had spent a little too long at the bookstore the other day, and I was trying to hurry my daughter out the door. If you knew my kids, you would know that they don't do anything quickly. She was slowly making her way towards the exit, jumping from white tile to white tile, carefully avoiding the blue (water) tiles.

Then as I waited for her by the door, a greeting card caught my eye. It said, "I don't take my problems to work, I leave them at daycare."

Maybe that is supposed to be a joke, but it made me sad to think that parents would ever describe their kids as problems. I was brought back to "reality" when my daughter shouted,

"Look out Mom! You almost stepped on an alligator!"

The tiles had apparently transformed themselves into an alligator-infested swampland.

I guess this might seem like a problem to some people, a little girl who won't move quickly a mom in a hurry.

But really, what could be more important in my life right now? What could need my attention more than this little girl who has placed herself in the middle of an alligator swamp?

So we hop and skip out the door, drawing some strange looks I'm sure. Strange looks from those who don't know about alligator swamps in the bookstore, or, perhaps more likely, from those who have long since forgotten about them.

Do you ever find yourself saying, "Well, someday, when I have more time I can play with my kids more."? Or, "Someday, when we have more money in the bank, I will be able to spend more time with my family."

Because, when we have events like this past weekend, we are reminded just how fragile our lives can be. We see someone whose life is cut short, and we remember that life isn't always fair, or predictable.

So be careful that you aren't putting off the really important things in your life, creating problems where there really aren't any and always waiting for someday

Because sometimes, someday doesn't come.

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  Cheryl Demas creates a weekly cartoon/column for Work At Home Moms. She also publishes - The Online Magazine for Work At Home Moms. Contact Cheryl through her web site, or email: [email protected]

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