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A Word from A WAHM

"The Back Burner"

© 1999, by Cheryl Demas
Moms are always being pulled in several directions at once. You've got your kids, your home, your husband, and now your home business, all competing for your time and attention. I saw a mom at the video store this weekend. She had a girl pulling on her arm saying, "Mom? Mom? Mom? Can I get some candy?" Another boy was pulling at her skirt, saying (a little louder than his sister) "MOM? MOM? MOM? Can I rent a video game?" Just then her husband came around the corner and, oblivious to her predicament, innocently asked, "I've narrowed it down to 'A Thin Red Line' or 'A Simple Plan' what do you think?"
Well, she lost it. She said, in a voice loud enough to draw the attention of everyone in the store, "Stop it! I can only listen to one of you at a time!"

But then, without missing a beat, she proved herself wrong by answering them all in one breath. She turned to her daughter and said, "Yes, but no gum!" then turned to her son and said, "Yes, as long as it's not a fighting game." And finally turned to her husband and said, "No, I want to see 'You've Got Mail.'"

Yes, moms do have an amazing ability to do so many things at once. But even Super Mom can't possibly do everything. If you're like me, I'm guessing there are some things that just don't get done. There are bound to be things that get put on the back burner, chores and tasks you simply don't have time to do.

This week, take a look a closer look at that back burner. Are there tasks
that seem to wind up there week after week? Perhaps it's time to get some help, or if possible, eliminate those jobs. I find that I usually manage to attend to the tasks I really enjoy, the things that are most important to me. When I look at my back burner, I see things that can best be accomplished by someone else, or just don't need to be done at all. Maybe the beds won't get made everyday. Maybe it's time to say, "No" the next time I'm asked to volunteer my time, or join a committee.

Maybe someday, I'll get the whole stove cleared off!

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  Cheryl Demas creates a weekly cartoon/column for Work At Home Moms. She also publishes - The Online Magazine for Work At Home Moms. Contact Cheryl through her web site, or email:

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