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Why Can't I Get Rid of Stress?

© 1999, by Desiree Scales

Stress doesn't discriminate among race, age or gender. Stress is subjective. The determining factor of how you can rid yourself of stress is how you choose to control your reaction to it.

Often, the problem lies in not having enough time to relax and de-stress. More often than not, we see our problems as bigger obstacles than they really are which can create a feeling of helplessness. This, in turn, lowers our self-esteem and creates even more stress.

This downward spiral can be changed. The way up and out is to acknowledge your role in creating your life just as it is. Especially acknowledge the fact that you made choices that led to your present circumstances without blaming yourself.

By changing your perception of a situation, you can address the problem directly by using a problem-solving approach or simply exiting the situation. Think about the positive in the situation and weed out negative thoughts. Break the problem down into bite-sized pieces and ask yourself how to handle each part in a positive way.

Using simple breathing techniques can also help you deal with stress. Going to a quiet place where you can listen to your breathing and create a connected breathing pattern will bring you a lot of peace and serenity. Conscious breathing assists one in transforming negative beliefs into positive ones.

We are all resourceful beings and can take control of our lives if we don't get in our own way. Take time to empower yourself daily and don't let yourself become overwhelmed by the trivial!

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