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Remember How to Play

The product that is one of my favorite stress-reduction toys of the moment is called "Aroma Dough."

© 1999, by Desiree Scales

One of the best things I've found to help me reduce stress is to play like a big kid. Remember how we used to get so absorbed in the moment while playing that we forgot everything around us? Now, to play and really have fun, you have to have some toys. Imagine a product that helps you have so much fun that you forgot your source of stress completely while tickling your senses.

The product that is one of my favorite stress-reduction toys of the moment is called Aroma Dough. It's not unlike that famous dough we all used as children to create whatever our little imaginations could dream up, except it smells and feels a whole lot better!

The creator of Aroma Dough and President of Hermitage Ol'factorie, Marjorie Love, must have been in a very playful mood herself when she came up with the concept. Aromatherapy, the practice of using essential oils to heal the mind and body, has held her fascination for some time. Certain scents also reminded her of her childhood in New York and living outdoors during the warm summer months. Blending her fascination of aromatherapy and a sense of play, she came up with Aroma Dough.

What is it exactly you ask? Aroma Dough is a ball of soft doughy matter which is meant to be squeezed, held and pressed between your hands. It's much better than those familiar foam stress-balls because, while it warms in your hand, it releases wonderful fragrances such as lavender, basil, spruce and patchouli. There are four different blended scents and colors to choose from.

I love to play with it while I design my websites because it gives my hands a welcome break from the keyboard. The added benefit is that I can use the dough to help relax while I'm on the phone and nobody knows better! There's even a scent to motivate and inspire that I'm holding right now while I think about this column. (We're into our third paragraph, so I think it's working.) It's also small and comes in a little bag making it very portable.

When I found out that Marjorie was a fellow entrepreneurial parent like I am, I was even more excited about this product. She actually came up with this idea while earning her Master's degree. She needed an idea for a business plan and she chose to develop and market Aroma Dough. The idea came to life after a trip to the Rocky Mountains and grew from there.

Marjorie loves being an EP because she can stay home and be with her children before and after school, something that inspires most of us to become EPs. Her children love to play with the dough too which proves it's not only for us big kids. You may even have to fight them for it!

There are a lot of different tools out there that help us find our sense of "play". Aroma Dough is extremely innovative, fun to use and recommended as fun way to reduce stress. I will be writing about more fun tools in the future, so keep reading. Now, go get yourself some Aroma Dough, relax and let your inner-child come out to play.

To find out more about Aroma Dough or where you can find it, please call Hermitage Ol'factorie directly at 813-960-3230 or email Marjorie at .

Desiree Scales is the Owner of Bella Web Design at 3605 Sandy Plains Rd., Suite 240-121, Marietta, GA 30066, Email: , Phone: 770-509-8797, Fax: 770-509-9488 (if busy, call above number), Web site:

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