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Simplifying Your Life Equals Less Stress, Right?

© 1999, by Desiree Scales

Well, yes and no. Many of us went from a guaranteed salary at a large corporation to no guarantee of when the money was going to come in. Not knowing when the next paycheck is coming is extremely stressful. Although the stress of becoming an entrepreneur can be a lot to manage, there are ways to handle it.

First things first. Meditation is a wonderful way to focus on your ultimate business goals and to reduce the stress involved in meeting them. Take fifteen minutes a day to relax in a quiet place and focus. If you can't find this time during the day, do what I do and meditate before you go to sleep. Think about why you chose the entrepreneurial path. Was it to be your own boss and not have someone else make the decisions? More time to be with your children and loved ones? The potential for more money? Whatever the reason, take this time to remember how wonderful it really is to become a business owner, with you in full control of your own destiny. Focus on the positive aspects of your business and what makes you really enjoy working for yourself.

Another way to dissolve stress is to write your goals and accompanying fears and anxieties down on paper. Create a business-owner's journal of sorts that helps you reflect on those very same goals I just reminded you of and the associated stressful feelings. Write down the events that trigger your stress. Is it trying to sell your service/product on the phone and someone hung up on you? (It seems that the sales end of my business has always caused me some stressful moments. Whenever I read about my own sales-induced stress, this phrase always helps me, "Some will. Some won't. So what? Someone's waiting.") Maybe you can't find someone to watch your child while you work. Make a list of different places you can place ads for a caregiver such as a church, local newspaper or college. Just writing positive steps toward a resolution can help reduce anxiety.

Simplifying your life can be easier when you realize that, although you've escaped a set of problems created by working for others, a new and different set will be encountered along the way. Nothing worth working toward is easy. Success, as they say, is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Stress is part of the equation toward a simpler life, but the good news is that stress doesn't last forever.

Desiree Scales is the Owner of Bella Web Design at 3605 Sandy Plains Rd., Suite 240-121, Marietta, GA 30066, Email: [email protected], Phone: 770-509-8797, Fax: 770-509-9488 (if busy, call above number), Web site:

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