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How I Simplified My Life

© 1999, by Rev. Raedorah Stewart-Dodd

I am a 38-year old African American. Four years ago I left my full-time corporate job to go to work in a ministry and become a full-time seminary student. In my first semester of seminary, my husband of four years abandoned me and my son (who was 2 years old at the time), leaving us in financial ruin. It was on a Sunday before Thanksgiving, and one week before my finals (did I mention this was the first semester of my seminary???).

Four years later, I am completing my second seminary degree, preparing for a Ph.D. fellowship in Women's Studies and Religion, and have a peaceful home, delightful and very bright son (as a Kindergartener he tested into the third grade), and have acquired no destructive vices (i.e., smoking, drinking, alcohol, shopping or sex).

I attribute my rebuilding of self to my faith in God, how my mama raised me, and the necessary functioning involved in raising a child.

Rev. Raedorah Stewart-Dodd is working towards her secondary seminary degree and can be reached by Email: [email protected].

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