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How I Simplified My Life by Becoming an EP

© 1999, by Dina Link

I have definitely made choices to simplify my life over the past year, perhaps my story can be of help.

When my husband and I began to seriously discuss having a second child, I knew in an instant I could never be the parent I wanted to be to that child, and my precious firstborn, and keep the worklife I had. I was a Product Manager at a very small diagnostics company and was consumed by my job. Much of my personal life, both with my family and with myself, was put on hold for the stresses and expectations of the job -- including a one hour commute each way!

My salary at the time was equal to my husband's, so the prospect of leaving my job did give us serious heartburn for a while! But, the more I thought of life after "Digene" (the company I worked for), the more attractive it seemed.

Bottom line, once we determined that we could actually live on half the salary if we put our minds to it, I quit the job when my daughter was born last January. It was the best decision of my life because I was taking total control and responsibility for my life and the direction it was going in. I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing my daughter better than anyone -- an honor I missed with my son since he was in daycare from age 10 weeks.

My long range plans? I am slowly getting a Masters in Teaching and will put my science degree to work as a Science Teacher. In order to defray some of the costs of my education, I am head of my own company -- A Dorling Kindersley Family Learning Distributor.

I must say none of this is possible without the support of my husband. While he isn't always the easist man to get along with (this after 11 years of marriage!), he is totally supportive of my decisions to put our family first and make changes in my career path.

For what it's worth, this is my story!

Dina Link is a Dorling Kindersley Family Learning Distributor, offering award winning books, software and videos for children and adults. Dorling Kindersley believes children are built for learning and learning begins at home! Dina can be reached by Email: [email protected] or at her Web site:

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