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How I Simplified My Life by Becoming an EP

© 1999, by Avis A. Gomez

I am a working mom who was finding it exceeding difficult to balance career and family. I work for a large financial company and I'm a project leader in the technologies organization. We have a never-ending stream of work and continually changing requirements. I'm 39 years old and our two daughters are 6 and 8.

Over the past couple of years, when my oldest started school, I was finding the evenings turning into battle grounds for our family. I would come home and pick up my children from day care between 5-5:30 p.m. I'd want them to have a little "play" time at home so they would go out until 6-6:30. Then the battles began... HOMEWORK. Sometimes until 8 or 9 at night, leaving a dinner break in the middle, we would be at battle. Then baths and bedtime. So much for quality time with your kids!

My company came out with a policy that enables telecommuting. It piqued my interest. I not only pursued the option, but I coordinated a pilot group of 16 people that also found the environmental change to be a good thing for their situations. I've been working full time out of my home now for 8 months. My children walk home from school to their home to do their homework. It still isn't the most pleasant experience, but we can tackle it earlier in the day when everyone stills has the energy.

My work schedule now revolves around my family schedule. I'm blessed to have work leaders that take seriously their responsibility to their employees' family and personal lives. We sometimes have a conflict with scheduling because I still work as a full-time person with full-time responsibilities, but we work through those conflicts as they arise.

Stress is a lot less when you have options available to maintain balance. My present goal with my job is to move on to helping other people in my organization pursue the same arrangement.


Avis A. Gomez is a telecommuter, and can be reached by Email: .

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