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A Word from A WAHM

"Are We There Yet?"

© 1999, by Cheryl Demas

I've just returned from a two-week family vacation. We traveled across the country by car, and believe it or not, we had a great time.

We set out well prepared. I had travel packs for the kids each morning, stocked with fresh crayons, gel markers, colored paper, special toys, snacks, etc. We also had plenty of car activities, tapes, and games to keep us busy, and we made plenty of stops along the way. Still, I assumed that 12-14 hour days in the car with a 12 and 5 year old would be a challenge.

But the first night when we arrived at our destination, my daughter said, "Are we here already?"

I couldn't believe it. It was quite a change from the "Are we there yet?" refrain I had been expecting.

I was thinking about why we had such a good time on this trip, and I realized that it's a lot like running a home business. If you focus only on your goal or destination, the trip can be unbearable. But if you make the trip enjoyable and appreciate the sites and adventures along the way, you will have a much more pleasant experience.

We all set out with a goal in mind, which is important, we have to know where we're going. But that can't be our sole focus. If you can enjoy the day to day tasks of running your business, the journey, you will find it much more enjoyable. Then, someday when you reach your goal, you may find yourself saying, "Am I here already?"

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  Cheryl Demas creates a weekly cartoon/column for Work At Home Moms. She also publishes - The Online Magazine for Work At Home Moms. Contact Cheryl through her web site, or email:

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