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A Word from A WAHM

"Oprah Called"

© 1999, by Cheryl Demas
What a week.

Last Wednesday, at about 3:00, the phone rang.
"Cheryl? This is John Doe (names cleverly changed to protect the innocent) from the Oprah Show." I'm not kidding ... it really was the Oprah Show, ... calling me! Can you believe it?

We talked about for awhile and then he said, "Don't get excited, but would you like to share your story with Oprah, and are you available next Tuesday?"

Don't get excited? That's like saying "Eat this coconut cream pie but don't gain weight."Of course I was available, I didn't mention that we were actually planning a trip to Disneyland .... hey kids, Chicago can be fun too! I hung up with the understanding that this was all very up in the air, but a possibility.

After I was off the phone I started jumping around the house and screaming "That was Oprah! That was Oprah!" My 4-year-old hid behind the couch and my 12-year-old was nonchalant. "Yea? So? " I guess she's always believed me when I've told her "I'm going to be on Oprah someday." Of course, Oprah would call, isn't that what Mom always said would happen? I even had an outfit pre-selected, I had always told her, "When I'm on Oprah, I'm buying this outfit. "

So we went shopping. I bought the Oprah outfit, got my hair cut ... I wanted to be ready if we were to go to Chicago. And then I waited, and waited. ... After a couple days it became apparent that I wasn't going to be on the show after all. We continued with our Disney vacation plans, taking Chicago clothes with us just in case, and I continued to call home to check messages.

My Oprah contact did call back and said that they had enough people for the show but liked my story and might be able to work it into a future show. I don't know if that is the standard brush-off or if I still have a chance, but it was certainly exciting while it lasted.

We had a great time at Disneyland and we're home again. Now, I've returned the outfit, considering it cost more than we usually spend on groceries each month, and it's not the kind of thing I wear around the house anyway.

But ... looking back all I can say is ... I'm so disappointed.

Now, if I was Tony Robbins, or a great motivator, this is when I'd flash a huge smile and say, "But did that get me down? NO! I don't let a little disappointment get ME down. I picked myself up and brushed myself off and the next day I made a million dollars and Barbara Walters called!"

But I'm not Tony, I'm Cheryl. I wish I had a great story to tell you. How to get over disappointments in your business, how to keep going when things aren't going well. I wish I had some insight into staying motivated after a let down. But I'm not in the mood right now.

I want to sleep until noon, then get up and watch All My Children while eating a banana split and drinking a margarita and then go back to bed.

Maybe I'll have a motivational speech for you next week, but right now I have to run out to the store, we're getting low on chocolate syrup.

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  Cheryl Demas creates a weekly cartoon/column for Work At Home Moms. She also publishes - The Online Magazine for Work At Home Moms. Contact Cheryl through her web site, or email:

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