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A Word from A WAHM

"24 Hour Support"

© 1999, by Cheryl Demas
People often ask me what it takes to have a successful home business. Of course everyone is different, but from my own experience and from what I've heard from other moms, having a supportive spouse and family is one of the key factors of success. You might be thinking, "Great, my family doesn't support me so there's nothing I can do about it." Well, not really. It might not be easy, but I think there are a few things you can do to bring them around.

First the kids. Work with them, and set a goal together. Choose something fun that you will all do with your business money when the goal is reached. It can be as simple as a night out for ice cream or as big as a family vacation. This way, they can also reap the rewards of your business. They will be more likely to support you, if they see tangible benefits of your success.

Also, when I have a business decision to make, or a need some advice, I ask everyone in my family for their input. I've gotten some great ideas from them, and they feel that they have ownership in my business too. Because of this, I think they are less likely to resent the time I spend on my business.

Husbands can be another story. But if your husband is like mine, he likes to brag about his wife. Why not make it official? Make him your Public Relations Manager. My husband is my biggest fan, he likes to stay informed about what I'm doing with my business, and he certainly helps spread the word of my success.

Recently, a reader described my writing as a cross between Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry (I'd be happy to have 1% of either of their talent.) Anyway, I told my husband, who, believe it or not, hadn't heard of Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry. So I also had to tell him that it was a great compliment. He has since passed on the quote as "My wife is a cross between Erma Bombeck and Chuck Berry." And he wonders why people give him funny looks.

But he is still out there, along with our daughters, promoting my business and supporting me. Who knows, maybe if doesn't work out, I'll take up the guitar.

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  Cheryl Demas creates a weekly cartoon/column for Work At Home Moms. She also publishes - The Online Magazine for Work At Home Moms. Contact Cheryl through her web site, or email:

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