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WAHD Intro Essay

© 1998, by Jeff Zbar

Hey you! Mr. Mom! Soccer Dad! What are you doing at home? Catching up on re-runs, avoiding a day job, sending your wife out to do a man's job?

Those of us men who've worked from home have heard the chiding. We've fielded the barbs. People think we're slackers, hackers and looking for an easy way out.

But we know differently. We've been trying to do our jobs and raise our children -- all while convincing potential clients and others in Corporate America that we can be, no, every bit as professional as some drone from the corporate tower downtown.

That's what this gig is all about. Being a professional, delivering a project on time and on budget, with the style and grace due any pro -- just that we happen to work from home.

How do I know about the concerns of the work@home dad? February will mark 10 years as an EP, working as a journalist, independent writer, author and speaker from my home office in Fort Lauderdale. Married with three young children, I've juggled interviews with baby feedings and diaper changes, and scheduled meetings between kids' carpools and naps -- all with the help of my supportive wife, Robbie.

My book, Home Office Know-How (Upstart Publishing, 1998), is a tips book on working from home and teleworking, and my web site ( provides regular content and features on the emerging small office / home office (SOHO) genre. My work and words have appeared on the web sites of Office Depot and BellSouth -- always in an friendly, informal and informational format.

Now I hope to bring that style to The Entrepreneurial Parent! As an EP for the past 10 years, I'm excited to be part of a growing community of parents who are ditching the traditional job route for alternative work options. I encourage the Dads who are members to step up, speak out and become active participants of the Entrepreneurial Parent Community.

You'll find here at WAHD Central that we have articles contributed by EP Dad "Experts," as well as essays written by a wide spectrum of EP Dads struggling with and conquering their work-family goals. We also encourage you to Discuss Amongst Yourselves the joys and challenges of the day, and if you have questions, send them along. From the 10-year work@home veteran, to corporate dwellers looking to break out on their own, we all can learn from one another.

So speak up, listen in, and as always, Keep Goin' SOHO!

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