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2000...The Year (The Century) of the EP

© 1999, by Lisa M. Roberts

2000. I love it. It's simple, clean, to the point. Fresh, young, rejuvenating. 2000. Never again in our lifetime will a year sound so unstained, so flawless. Coming a breath after 1999 -- a year heavy with age and history -- 2000 has the ring of inception to it. Maybe it's just the parent in me that sees it this way, but I don't know. 2001 already has a blemish at the end, you see it? 2000 is a newborn.
As parents, we all know what it's like to welcome a newborn into our lives. Each of us remembers being immersed in preparations beforehand -- the mental, emotional, physical -- only to be knocked into a spiritual awakening beyond expectation and description in the moments shortly following. The birth of life, the birth of time for that life -- intertwined seamlessly and never repeated in quite the same way again. Now, with our children here beside us, we are poised for yet another miraculous moment. If we squeeze the hands of our children when the clock strikes twelve, will we each experience a spiritual awakening like no other? And what will it be like to welcome in the new millennium with the generation that's going to see -- and pull -- the first century through?
On another level, we are all entrepreneurs, and we face this third millennium with minds and imaginations that never stop dreaming up new possibilities. Like fireworks our thoughts pop with hope, noise and color, unexpected splendor spotted with disappointing duds. We poke and prod our inner selves, track and cater to our clients and customers, sustain and nudge our contacts and colleagues. We work no more or less than any other employed parent, but as swiftly as we answer email or set up a doctor's appointment we have also trained ourselves to brainstorm innovative solutions to our work-family problems. Between our children and our problem-solving skills...and our unity as a community...we bring much to the millennium table.
2000. What will it bring to us -- to our families, our businesses? I'll take a stab at crystal gazing. (Why not toss my hat into the whirlpool of prophesy too, everyone else is doing it!) I was a newborn in 1961 (60 would have been better -- no blemish), so I personally am seeing the new millennium in from the vantage point of middle age (give or take a decade).

I have witnessed the last forty years of this century and have every hope of being around for the first forty years of the next one. So what do I forsee the year 2000 will bring us? More members of the
EP Community, of course.
This isn't wishful thinking. The fact is that this turn of the century -- just like the last one -- is riding on the wave of burgeoning scientific advances, with technology that is having a direct and profound impact on our everyday lives. One hundred years ago it was the Industrial Revolution that changed our daily routine by diluting our natural family ties (for the first time in history, dads and more recently moms had to leave home for long workdays), and then providing us with vehicles (cars, mass transit) to get to that work. On the dawn of this new century, the Information/Internet Age is again changing our lives but this time by bringing those "estranged" family members back home to work (and even taking away much of our need for all those vehicles!).
So I predict that in the next forty years there will be more Entrepreneurial Parents than there are any other kind. And in the history of humanity, the 20th century will be just a blip of time when families were estranged from each other in their daily lives. A blip that never happened before and never will be repeated again. Without question, together the EP Community is writing history. Michele Broad ([email protected]), one of our NAEP members, put it succinctly in our discussion group recently. She wrote:
"I've been a bit busy lately and haven't participated much in our discussions, but I wanted you to know that I read all the email and am so glad you all are out there. You help keep me focused in a positive direction and are a constant reminder that I am not alone. I wish that I could meet each of you and express my thanks and tell you all what an honor it is to be a part of such a wonderful group of caring individuals. From my house to yours, may each and every one of you have a wonderful and safe holiday season. May our force as EP's ring even stronger in the new millennium and may our bond as emailer's continue!"
Yes, may our force as Entrepreneurial Parents resonate ever stronger...towards the golden age of 3000.

Lisa Roberts is the mother of four, owner of The Entrepreneurial Parent, LLC and the author of How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business (Bookhaven Press, 1997). Copies of her book are available for purchase at EP and through Amazon.

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