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Letting Spring In

© 1999, by Lisa M. Roberts

Imagine coming home from an afternoon errand to find that every bed in your house has been made with fresh clean sheets, every window washed until each glass pane is clear, every floor swept, scrubbed and polished to a shine. Imagine that this was all done for you without any guilt strings attached, without hint of hard labor or begrudging comment, without barely a whisper of effort. Imagine the sense of cleanliness and rejuvenation such a moment could bring...
This is what springtime feels like to me. In the home outside my house, the ground has all fresh coverings, the air is crisp and clear, the trees and shrubs hold new light and life...and all this has sprung up with barely a whisper of effort! It's truly a miracle, and even in the midst of horrific news swirling around the country and the world, it's hard *not* to feel hope blowing in through nature's wind.
So with hope to lead us, blue skies to cheer us and fresh air to cleanse our thoughts, let's try pledging our spring "time" to renewals on all fronts. As a community of Entrepreneurial Parents, this pledge will help us loosen the mud of negativity that can form on dreary days that rain horrendous news, and keep us moving forward toward the light of new beginnings.
  • RENEWAL #1: Clean some business slates.
The spring is a great time to wrap up those lingering business projects and clear the way for new ones. Only you know what's weighing heavy on your To Do list -- scratch them off once and for all by either spending a few late nights in a row or by simply dropping them altogether through a re-prioritization of your goals. Use spring time to meet or delete business goals, save the summer for planning the next school year's business agenda, and the fall for launching new projects.
  • RENEWAL #2: Plant a garden with your children.
Take time to smell the roses...and plant new ones! To usher in each new spring with a wonderful sense of affirmation, design a perennial garden with your children. Watching the plants take root and then blossom in the same spot each year is redeeming and replenishing for all.
  • RENEWAL #3: Date your spouse.
February may be billed as the month of romance, but just about all who know love know that the months of spring pull more heart strings than any other. Start a new hobby, take a new course, or have a private dinner once a week -- whatever you choose, just do it together! There's no time like the present time to restore and/or strengthen your marriage, so express your intentions today.
  • RENEWAL #4: Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.
One way to carry out all three at once is to exercise...outdoors. There's nothing like fresh air to clear the mind and brighten the spirit, whether you're taking a relaxing stroll or an ambitious mountain climb. So leave the gym, the aerobic videos and the running machines behind and take to the sidewalks, bike paths and wooded trails to get your heart pumping. For a great piece of inspiration and advice on this very subject, check out the April Stress Management column, written by EP Volunteer Desiree Scales.
Whether or not you live in a part of the world that is experiencing the natural renewal of Spring, this is always a good time of year for restoration and reflection. Tonight, crack your bedroom window open and let the night air cool down your worries. Allow some fresh thoughts and fresh dreams to ease in with the breeze.

Lisa Roberts is the mother of four, owner of The Entrepreneurial Parent, LLC and the author of How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business (Bookhaven Press, 1997). Copies of her book are available for purchase at EP and through Amazon.

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