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Reel.com is The Best Place to Buy Movies, the Web's premiere site for selling and renting new and used movies. Reel.com has a selection of 85,000 movies for sale and over 35,000 movies to rent, and serves as the video store to E! Online, The Internet Movie Database, Mr. Showbiz, TV Guide, WebTV, Hollywood Online, Film.com and a host of other excellent sites.

large Welcome to the EP Video Store! Here we carry a wide selection of videos for kids and families, plus weekly specials, featured titles for all age groups, and lots of movies at special values. When you or your children are looking for a break from EP Life, pop some corn in the microwave and a tape in the VCR, and relax!
Here's how the EP Video Store works. Scroll down this page and pick a category for a selection of videos for EPs and EP Kids! Many films are available here at a 30% discount from the retail price, and purchase is just a click away. It's easy, safe and leads to building an entertaining EP Video Library of your own!
Enjoy browsing through the EP Video Store, and come back any time you or your kids need another break! (A new video each month seems to work well for many EP Kids...)
Please Note: We know that as an Entrepreneurial Parent, you are concerned about how and with whom your children spend their free time. While we understand how much you may welcome uninterrupted work hours in your home office, we urge you to be selective in your video purchases so that your VCR doesn't turn into an electronic babysitter! We encourage you to pick only those tapes that are in sync with your educational and entertainment values, and to create some "House Rules" that curb daily TV/VCR viewing hours.
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