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Working on a story or segment on business, family, or work-family issues? The Entrepreneurial Parent, LLC is a reputable resource for parents who work at home and others interested in work-family balance.

In betweeen 1997-2002, the following media sources featured The Entrepreneurial Parent (site or book), Lisa Roberts, and/or her book How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof. Interviews with Lisa are once again welcome by contacting her via email.


In August 1999 was selected by
Parenting Magazine as one of the
Top 3 Work-at-Home Sites on the Internet!

"One of the best features of the Entrepreneurial Parent site is the roster of experts on such topics as record-keeping, home-office design, and building your own low-cost website. You can submit text and photos for a personal profile -- it's a nifty way to promote your business on the Internet."


-- Julie Lawlor, Parenting Magazine

Magazine: Family PC
Issue: Feb. 1999
Article: "Home Office Harmony" by Anne Fischer Lent (a Cover Story!)
Magazine: Kiplingers
Issue: May 1997
Article: "Home Alone" by Ronaleen R. Roha
Magazine: Baby Magazine
Issue: Oct./Nov. 1997
Book Review
Magazine: Forbes
Issue: May 18, 1998
Article: "Entrepreneur Moms" by Luisa Kroll
Magazine: Home Office Computing
Issue: August 1997
Article: "Kids Talk Balk" by Carol Dannhauser
Magazine: Business Start-Ups
Issue: Sept. 1997
Article: "Juggling Act: How to Balance Your Business and Family" by Carolyn Campbell


Show: How to Succeed in Business
Broadcast: 1/15/97
Segment: Live Q&A format


Show: Computer Chronicles
Broadcast: 1/26/99
Segment: Parenting
Show: Fox on Psychology
Broadcast: 3/21/97
Segment: On the psychology of working at home
Show: Call for Help!
Broadcast: 2/10/99
Segment: Creating a Family-Friendly Home Office
Show: Metro Money
Broadcast: Fall/1998
Segment: Home Business
Show: Your Money
Broadcast: 1996
Segment: Work-at-Home Parents
Show: Metro Money
Broadcast: Fall/1998
Segment: Home Business
Featured Radio:
  • CBS Radio Network: How to Raise et. al. was the featured "Small Business Minute," aired on affiliate stations nationwide, 3/19/97
  • Wall Street Journal's "Work and Family" show hosted by Sue Schellenbarger, early 1998
  • Paul & Sarah Edwards' Working From Home Show, 1/26/97
Partial List of Radio Interviews:
  • WYLO-FM, 4/3/97
  • WCMX, 4/9/97
  • WUFY-FM, 4/28/97
  • KCMX-AM, 4/9/97
  • WAYM-FM, 4/16/97
  • WBNR-AM, 3/31/97
  • WWDM-FM, 3/4/97
  • SBZT-AM, 3/6/97
  • WTTM-AM, 3/6/97
  • BNN, 3/6/97
  • WBZT, 3/9/97
  • WWJ, 1/29/97
  • WPHM, 1/23/97
  • KWLN, 2/5/97
  • KCEO-AM, 1/28/97


Los Angeles Times
Issue: 11/4/98
Article: "For 'Mamapreneurs,' Industry Begins at Home"
Author: Marla Dickerson
Christian Science Monitor
Issue: 4/13/98
Article: "Mom's New Ballgame: Career at Home" Author: Shelley Donald Coolidge
Issue: 3/22/98
Feature Article: "A Rough Ride: Families seek to cope with work/life pressures"
Author: Patricia Kitchen
CT Post
Issue: 4/27/97
Feature Womanwise Article: "Taking care of business -- and the kids"
Author: Alix Boyle

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Issue: 6/28/98
Feature Article: "Doing Their Home Work: It's a juggling act to combine job, child rearing under one roof"
Author: Bill Lohmann

The Augusta Chronicle

Issue: 6/15/97
Article: "Business in the house: Juggling key to work at home"
Author: Donna W. Rogers
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Business Week Online: What Work-at-Home Parents Can Snag on the Net
Money Magazine Online
Date: 4/24/97
Event: Online Seminar on Compuserve
Oxygen Media
Position: Lisa Roberts was the "Homeward Bound" columnist & expert for, and the "Home Office Politics" columnist for Moms Online, for 1.5 years
Claris Small Business Council of 1997
Position: Home Business Expert
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