The EP E-book

"Interestingly enough, during the writing of this book, the stock market oscillated from an extraordindarily high to a frighteningly low market value, the economy from an unprecedented tight labor market in the booming 'new economy' to a widening sweep of layoff announcements in the wake of a national recession. With their versatility and diversity, independent home office workers are in a strong position to ride out such dramatic fluctuations -- during this round and the one after."

-- from The Entrepreneurial Parent: How to Earn Your Living
from Home and Still Enjoy Your Family, Your Work, and Your Life
(Tarcher/Putnam, 2002)

So how did the 111 EP's profiled in The Entrepreneurial Parent in 2002 fare during the last recession, and how are they doing now, in what's believed to be the worst economy since the Great Depression? Co-authors Paul and Sarah Edwards and Lisa M. Roberts are looking to find out, to whatever extent is possible, then publish their findings in an updated publication that will be distributed as an e-book.

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