Placeme Builder Brokering Case Study

Placeme is an Australian business which can be found by visiting or by clicking Builders in Australia.


The founders of Placeme identified a need in the building industry were they saw people making mistakes and waste money when having a home built. They started up their builder brokering service as a way to stop this and to help people save time, heartache and money when they build.


Business Activities

Business activities forĀ  Placeme include the following:

1. House plan sales

2. House plan design service

3. Builder brokering service were they help people find a suitable builder

4. Builder advertising


Business Strengths

Placeme has strong relationships with industry leading builders.

Placeme has a good management team that is able to grow and develop the business, the team has a range of business skills including marketing, sales, seo.

Placeme have a user friendly website that provides value to its users, this is in partĀ  a result of the management teas knowledge of web design, site flow and user metrics


Why Placeme do so Well.

Placeme is a business that has alot going for it. They are in a profitable industry ( building ) were there is a lack of knowledge by the public



In summary Placeme has done alot very well, including marketing, seo, having strong relationships with suppliers and key industry players such as builders. They have a dynamic business that is web based and their knowledge has helped them succeed in what they do. So if you are looking for an example of what makes a successful business then have a look at how they operate and you will be on the way to learning how to succeed on your own.



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