Balancing Business Life

Balancing business life, and raising children.

Without a doubt children are a wonderful part of any family and having a business’s should not stop that at all. With a good business comes a solid amount of work and balancing this business life with raising well balanced, interactive and engaging children can be accomplished with many great benefits also.

Children need to have routine in most part of their lives, especially at a early age. This can of course be well suited to a business that is located at home. For instance the set schedule of 4pm dinners and 6pm bath time and sleep time at 7pm is a easy one for most business people to do and actually is a very common one.

The newborns however do not have a real set time except for them requiring a feeding every two to three hours and sleeps in between and this can play havoc to any new business venture that needs the business owners attention, but don’t stress there is a way to achieve this balance also. With prompt attention given to your new born and a little quite time to set her to sleep and during her sleeping times you should be able to get the majority of the work that you need to be done during the two to three breaks that get, then of course you must get some time to sleep and do the other things in life so balance also depends on the ability for you to delegate as much as you can on the other business partners or employees that you have until you get them clear into their 6 months or 8 months of age where they have longer periods of being awake.

With balance comes peace and enjoyment of life. If you are the type to mediate or do yoga during work hours it is always recommended to encourage your child to do this with you, it’s a great way to bond with your children and help them understand that running a business and raising children can be done with family in mind.

If your business is just a new venture or hS not been around long then it may take more planing and time to run its process which could mean that when your precious babies are in bed sleeping you are most likely doing as much work as you can in a shorter period of time. A way to achieve this is to make sure have no distractions when you need to complete this work including those junk emails that you somehow signed up for but don’t remember doing, and that your brain is focused. If you have to have a night off because your super tired, do take the time off and don’t just press on as that is when mistakes can happen.

Some of the best ways to accomplish your business goals is to get your children involved or be mindful of them and their needs during your strategy or three month planning sessions, for instance check their dates and sporting competitions should they get into the finals for that year.

But one thing that as a business owner is best to remember is that a business can come and go, your children’s lives and their lessons are your greatest legacy.