To rent office space or not?

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Posted by Lulu on September 23, 1999 at 12:21:15:

Hello, I am wondering if anyone might have a suggestion or two. I've been working in my home office for one year and can't stand the isolation. I started an entertainment publicity company and most of my contact is over the phone.

I have a great opportunity to rent office space in a prime area for almost nothing. The other tenents are in the entertainment industry as well. I get so excited and motivated when I visit the office,but I 'm concerned I might not be able to pay the rent. Some months I'm crazy busy and other months it's very slow.

That's not the all. I have two boys, ages 6 and 8. My youngest son was recently diagnosed with Touretts Syndrome and is now having difficulties.
It has been extremly difficult dealing with this new turn of events and alot of my time is spent with him at school away from my office.

Should I wait to get my son back on track so I can spend more time druming up business?

Do I take a part-time job to cover the over head?

Should I share the space with another small business?

If anyone can help please speak up. Thanks

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