A Photo Memoir of My Dad
by Lisa Roberts

Circa 1983, at my college graduation. As far back as I could remember, Dad always had his trademark cigar in his mouth. He would work with it, fall asleep on his recliner with it, go swimming with it. Then, in 1987, a miracle happened...


...his first and only granddaughter was born! He couldn't risk the health of his precious newborn grandchild, who lived under his roof (along with me & dh & my first home business!) for the first 2.5 years of her life. So after 43 years of smoking, he quit cold turkey ;-) Here's Jessica, our firstborn, enjoying the adoring, compelling, ever-attentive love of her grandparents. Imagine, four adults watching and applauding her every move during her early development years! To this day, my husband and I believe that living with my parents to save money for a house in our early marriage was no sacrifice...it was a gift we will always be grateful for.


When my youngest child Thomas was born, my father said to me, "If you fill up his first two years with love and joy, he will be happy for the rest of his life." Here is Grandpa pouring it on Jessica, as he did for the first two years of the lives of all his six other grandchildren (including Thomas) as well. Dad and "dh" coming together, walking down the same road, living for the same dream...

My favorite Grandpa picture. It's hard to tell in this darkened converted photo, but Dad's face is completely at peace here, as is his grandson William's.

Celebrating William's 1-year birthday!
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