Entrepreneurial Parent

The Entrepreneurial Parent is a community and knowledge hub for parents looking to balance work, kids and family on their own terms. We’re here to address the needs of Entrepreneurial parents on both the business and parenting front — from colleague camaraderie to professional career counseling, from quick-tip articles to inspirational profiles. If you’re a parent who is looking to transition your workplace home — for one, five or twenty years! — you have just found the strong Entrepreneurial Parent community you’ve been looking for. Also we will be providing information on following:

Business Advice

1. Working for yourself

2. Marketing advice

3. Advice on business name and domain name selection. Think Google or Budzu

4. SEO and Advertising

5. Learning SEO Advice

Parenting and Life Tips

2. Raising kids and  family, getting pregnant and other topics such as home schooling.

3. Children’s health issues, Conventional treatments

4. Children’s Health issues and innovative treatments

5. Tips for balancing a home life and raising children. Click here for OUR Tips

Parenting and Raising  Kids While being in Business

Being in business for yourself and raising a family can be very challenging, these 2 conflicting priorities are both demanding of a lot of time and attention but both can also be highly rewarding. As a parent and business owner you need to make sure you using positive parenting ( Read about parenting styles on Kidsox ). Owning a business is a time consuming and stressful way to live and you will have to make decisions and choices that are best for your business and children and sometimes these to priorities will clash. Read our article about Making Time for Your Children.