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Posted by Linda Sikut on December 13, 1999 at 03:23:21:

In Reply to: What do you think about MLM? posted by Terri Seymour on November 28, 1999 at 09:52:12:

Hi Terri,

Some MLM companies are a scam. That's why the legitimate ones take part in the Direct Selling Association. As you know, I'm also with Watkins and our company is one of the founders of the DSA. It has been my experience with this company - and I did try a few others - that I have made lots of friends because of my MLM business. I have signed on people who fell in love with the products and who want to buy at a discount and I have signed on people who want to work from home and replace the income from their job or even exceed that income.

It has been my experience that my friends and family are not interested in a business, but they do love the products. All of my team leaders are people I did not know when I started my business.

What I like best about this industry is that if you work your business you will make many new friends. Some of them will be your friend for life as you work together to build strong businesses. That's something else about a good MLM. People work together. I know in my old job people did not do that. There was backbiting and jealousy - no team spirit. I hated it. Now things are different. I work with people who want to share ideas and help each other grow.

In this type of business you really are responsible for your own success. If you take the steps, introduce the products and the business to others, you will succeed. If anyone thinks they can get rich quick with a reputable MLM company, they are totally wrong. It takes time, dedication, passion and work.

Sorry for being so long, but I wanted you to know some of the benefits of a MLM or Network Marketing business.

Watkins Rising-Stars Team Leader

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