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Posted by Denise on April 05, 19100 at 22:23:29:

In Reply to: Trying to build my business posted by Lisa D on April 03, 19100 at 22:15:28:

It can be very difficult in the begining but don't let it burn your dreams! A great motivator to me has been a picture on my refridgerator. I pasted a picture of my goals onto a piece of paper (a nice big house in Arizona with horses) then, I had my husband and my kids paste their dreams on it as well and hung it on the fridge. I told my kids, "If mommy ever wants to give up, I want you to take a lighter and burn the piece of paper" Why??? Because if I give up, I will be burning our dreams!

As far as advertising, I have a brand new business on the internet and I have been going to all the community events, functions, open houses' and basically anywhere I can pass out my business cards and flyers! Schools are a great way to get info out! My kids (4 of the little buggers) go to 3 different schools, so I asked if they could pass my flyers to every student and they did, all 4,331 of them! All each school asked for was a small donation. One of the schools even made the copies for me! And now I am listed in their monthly parents mag's on their business list!

Maybe you could do some type of fund raiser. I used to sell tupperware and would always do fund raisers for all the smaller day cares and child facilities.

As far as getting people to your site? How about having a contest of some type, also an ezine or maybe a msg board! Something that would bring the people back!

Last but not least I tell everyone and anyone about my business!

Excel-ling toward our Dreams

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