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Posted by Rick F. on March 31, 19100 at 06:35:17:

Hello, everyone. While I'm normally more a reader than a poster to this group, I felt compelled to write, because I just discovered an easy solution to a business problem I've
been struggling with for a long time. As the owner of a small consulting firm, one of the biggest challenges I face is communication - both with clients and with the vendors I partner with. How many times have you e-mailed/faxed a
business plan or proposal to a large group of people - only to have one member say they didn't receive it? Or tried to have an e-mail discussion which you had to cc twenty
different people on? Since most of my consultants work out of their homes, I also struggle with being able to share files easily without having a network for all of us to
store our files on.

So, a friend who manages multiple groups of volunteers for a large organization recently told me about a free service she uses called Teamon. It allows groups to create multiple teams within
one company account. So for me, I created a main account for my consulting firm with other accounts for my clients, employees, partners, etc. Therefore, if I'm working on a project that has multiple vendors participating, we can
share files, send e-mail to ONE address, and have
discussions all within one forum. (It�s kind of like a basic, secure extranet for each project or client.) I get the usual personal e-mail service as well. My friend uses it to organize all of her volunteers.

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