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Posted by Wendy on February 18, 19100 at 06:53:18:

In Reply to: Telecommuting in Seattle posted by Monica Lee on February 11, 19100 at 23:42:21:

I wanted to respond to your post, because we have a similar educational background.

Your post was very short. You listed your educational background, but you didn't specify whether or not you had any experience. Your familiarity with your local community will certainly make a difference in your initial choices, but only in the aspect of your comfort level in approaching people you do not know.

If you are a former educator in your area, then you already have a network of friends and former colleagues on which to build. Have you considered tutoring? Talk with the school. Sometimes the school system will hire tutors for students who can not function in the regular classroom, but to whom they are required to provide instruction. In addition, many parents will hire private tutors to help students who are falling behind in their course work. *If you aren't a former teacher in your area, you can still be a tutor. Just make an appointment to talk to the administrators at the school, and be prepared to provide them with copies of certificates, transcripts, etc.

I have owned and operated a Virtual Office service for the last two years. I'm lucky that I found one really good client. He keeps me pretty busy, but because I am an independent contractor, I'm always free to pursue my own interests. Thus, I have created my own web site, and I'm working on developing a publishing company geared toward amateur writers.

If you're not interested in being a contractor and soliciting others for work, you might want to start looking through the employment sites (with "Work from Home" or "telecommute" as your search criteria) and at some of the telecommuting job sites. Start by going to places like and Money Making Mommy (.com). Both of those sites list jobs specific to individuals who wish to work at home. Of course, you've found this site, and it is a wonderful resource and support tool, as well.

Finally, remember the ONE rule of working at home and that is NEVER PAY FOR WORK! Real employers don't require fees. Consider the absurdity of a manager at McDonalds requiring you to pay for a "filing fee" when you submit your application. It's the same way in the work-at-home world. If they really need help, they won't make you pay to get the job.

Good luck in your quest. I love working from home! It's the best job I've ever had!

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